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Sahil Creative Academy

Sahil Creative Academy

Sahil Creative Academy launched its first online dancing and music sessions on 23rd June and 25th June. It is a very exciting and new venture for all of us.  The respond which we received is very encouraging and positive to having over thirty participants joined us in the first week. This is possible with the direct support received from the “Heart of England” the City of Culture road to 2021.

This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to enjoy through virtual contact to learn new skills by joining different activities remotely and also it is helpful for those who want to update themselves to latest technology. These sessions are designed for improving mental and physical wellbeing. We encourage more people to join us and learn new skills, to boost their confidence and improve their existing skills or hobbies which can also lead to the next level of their personal growth.

The weekly online music sessions are run by the International renowned Professional Artists “Haidri Brothers”, Rustam Ali and Zahid Ali known as music composers, singers and teachers of music in Pakistan. They both are 8th generation descendants of music family originally from India Punjab and later migrated to Pakistan. They will explore the art of all types of Indian Music covering the history of basic notations used in music language, the origins of the music family known as THAAT, including the RAAG names in classical form. This will be helpful to improve your tone of voice quality of singing and enjoying a beautiful music.

On every Tuesdays the Online Bollywood and Bhangra classes are run by a very young, vibrant and a dynamic person Gurpreet, she is a multi talented also covering  the role of a support worker, and social media marketing at Sahil. She is passionate about her work and has a very unique vision towards the growth of organisation. 

The dance classes will be beneficial for all ages, especially now under the current situation where more people are isolated and stressed which could be eased by joining Sahil’s Creative Academy activities. There are lots of benefits to keep active by doing stretching, warm up exercises and light as well as fast dancing movements to keep your body and mind fit.