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22 Aug

2021/ Sunday

Doors 2.00pm / Starts 2.30pm / Ends 4.30pm

Sahil & Team will be proudly performing at the festival. Please come and support us. 

Coventry is a city full of incredible singing, dancing, and performing talent – you just need to know where to look.

Taking place across five weekends this summer, GENERATE Festival of Community Performance brings the wealth of hidden talent in Coventry and Warwickshire to a green space near you.

21 Nov

2019/ Sunday

Sahil’s annual health and social event is the most popular well-awaited event which is attended by around 500 people every year. This event is a pack of different

8 March

Sahil celebrates international women’s day every year. In this event, we invite the renowned celebrities from different professions who come and share their success stories which bring  positive changes in

Every Summer


In this event we invite all our service users to meet and greet where they have opportunity to become socialise, make connection and talk to our staff members, volunteers