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What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

As the first point of contact for men and women, we offer in-house services and various outreach services, include practical and emotional support to build confidence, reduce social isolation and raise awareness to promote positive mental health and wellbeing, for South Asian Communities who are 18 and over. We also offer a number of other activities to alleviate stress, i.e. yoga sessions, meditation, music therapy, complementary therapies, and confidence-building training sessions.

All our services are confidential, person-centered, culturally sensitive, and anti-discriminatory. The main center provides services to men & women as well as takes place in outreach venues.



Counseling is an opportunity to talk about how you have been feeling with a Counsellor, in a safe and non-judgemental space in confidence. Counseling can help you gain a new understanding of yourself and your situation.


Wellbeing Hub and Peer Support Groups

Sahil runs a number of peer support and activity groups, these groups enable women and men to connect with each other, build confidence, reduce social isolation, develop supportive friendships, share their experiences, help and support each other, exchange information, and learn from each other. .



We provide one-to-one support to individuals and develop personalised well-being support plans. We motivate individuals to connect with new people and new activities to reduce social isolation and stress.


Information & Advice

We have drop-in sessions which are extremely popular with men and women who come in and access support on form filling, letter reading, making appointments, and one-to-one befriending support.



We work with individuals with complex needs to help them take action and to make sure that they have the right information to make informed choices.

Meet Our Volunteers

Be the change Become a Volunteer

Be the change Become a Volunteer and help your People

“ Working with Sahil is a great experience, being around with isolated Men and Women giving them a company in various support groups & activities gives me immense pleasure. I love to work with Sahil I find a lovely atmosphere. Staff, other volunteers & management is very friendly and cooperative”
Mohammad Tariq
“Before joining Sahil as a volunteer I was working with different professionals like Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry Broadcast Services etc. I love to help people it makes me feel so happy. I wonder the women who never came out of their house come to Sahil and enjoy music, dholki class and other support groups. I enjoy being around with them and I am so glad that I am doing a good cause”
“I was a service user before joining Sahil as a Volunteer. I have gained so much being a volunteer by completing my training in Mental Health Wellbeing. I have participated in all support groups, I enjoy running them and I would love to continue. Sahil is my home, without Sahil, I don’t know how I would cope. I have found myself here”.

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