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Our Experienced Volunteers


“I was a service user before joining Sahil as a Volunteer. I have gained so much being a volunteer by completing my training in Mental Health Wellbeing. I have participated in all support groups, I enjoy running them and I would love to continue. Sahil is my home, without Sahil, I don’t know how I would cope. I have found myself here”.


“Before joining Sahil as a volunteer I was working with different professionals like Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry Broadcast Services etc. I love to help people it makes me feel so happy. I wonder the women who never came out of their house come to Sahil and enjoy music, dholki class and other support groups. I enjoy being around with them and I am so glad that I am doing a good cause”

Mohammad Tariq

“ Working with Sahil is a great experience, being around with isolated Men and Women giving them a company in various support groups & activities gives me immense pleasure. I love to work with Sahil I find a lovely atmosphere. Staff, other volunteers & management is very friendly and cooperative”