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Our History

About Sahil

We operate to change the life of Asian Men and Women

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Rani Saund

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35+ Years of Experience

Sahil is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited not-for-profit Voluntary Organisation. Sahil Project was established in 1986 to support Asian Women who were suffering from stress and isolation. The stress often arose from unresolved problems and resulted in psychological ill-health. This was often related to language barriers, racial hostility, and difficulties in accessing services or making social contacts, and not knowing where to seek the appropriate assistance.

The project initially started as a telephone helpline to address the wide range of issues that man & women were facing. The Project today provides a very broad array of practical and emotional support for man & women from Black Minority Communities especially from the Asian Sub-Continent. Over the years the difficulties that the man & women had and received help with have been varied and complex and the first ten years saw the Project trying to respond to all types of issues. However, this approach was revived to a robust and more focused approach resulting in Sahil concentrating on a number of core services, which is still the basis of its work today.


Sahil has received numerous recognitions and awards over the years the most prestigious being the “Queens Award” in 2009 for Voluntary Services. Including unsung hero award, mentoring Befriending Award in Midlands, etc.

Inclusion Project

We provide a quality service; in-depth practical and emotional support; promote access to mainstream services and run programmes to raise self esteem thus empowering and enabling confidence building to take place. We also actively network and work in partnership with Coventry Warwickshire Mind and other groups to promote social inclusion and address inequalities.

More About Us

Sahil is situated on the main Foleshill Road – a district’s shopping center that offers a wide range of retail outlets and other services including banking and fast food shops. We are open five days a week. On average we see over 800 people each year, resulting in over 2,500 contacts made to the project. Women who use our services come from a range of backgrounds.

Sahil is located in the center of the Foleshill ward, which has ranked 182nd out of 8414 districts in the Index of Multiple Deprivation. The population of the neighborhood is enormously varied in terms of ethnic origin, according to the 2020 census with 5.4% Black, 7.2% white non-British, over 16.4% Asian, and 66% White British.

The Board Directors of Sahil are men &women from various backgrounds. Their experience, skills and knowledge include:  General Practitioner, Education, Social Care, Health, Family law, Community Development, Financial Management, Recruitment selection, Staff management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Policy Development. All the Board of Directors has a commitment and knowledge of working with South Asian Communities who face difficulties.  They are sensitive to the issues and the barriers faced by the client group and have been able to advice and support staff and volunteers throughout their work.

Meet Our Sahil's Team

Most Passionate Volunteers

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